Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Stu, my SIL, sent me an email, asking if I could make this for Josh's eighteeth. The email consisted of what looked like, a drawing in black and white.
So off to the newsagency I went to get graph paper to work it out. I had no idea the amount of crosses involved or the size of material. i said to Stu, I may not be very good with computers but I can sew. I can't find the photo he sent me, at present but I'm thrilled at the way it turned out. Anyone who has done cross stitching realises you start at the centre of the picture, not top to bottom. I have graph paper all over the place with crosses spelling words and a control box. I hope Josh likes it. It is stitched with a lot of love.

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Lisa A said...

How cute is that, I like to cross stitch as well