Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is my lastest piece of knitting. A jacket and bootties for my new grandson(?). I think the stitch is called feather and fan.
A close up of the bootties. Awww!!! aren't they sweet.

And here is the jacket. I haven't done this type of knitting for a long time. I had about three inches of it done a made a blooper, threw thw whole pattern out, so had to undo and redo, so I decided to make the bootties first as they never had as many stitches. The jacket had 161 st to start off with until I reached the armhole as it was all done in one piece up to there and then divided for the two fronts and back. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

This LO is of my sister's granddaughter, Emma Rose. I've had the photo for a while now and only thought of a way to do it the other day. I tried to give the impression she was laying in a tree, hence the "rockabyebaby". The heading is "Princess Emma".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This fountain was in the grounds of where my nephew was recently married. It had rose petals floating around inside and the water trickling over the edges. Beautiful. I had to do a LO of it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here are some photos I took of Wollongong while down there. This is "whale rock' but looks more like a dolphin to me. It is near the Nuns' rock pool. Apparently, years ago, the Nuns would swim here. i couldn't get a photo of the pool as i would have fallen over the cliff. lol. Now, this one is quite obvious. There are five islands off the coast of Wollongong very close to each other. The island have names and this one is called, Toothbrush Island for obvious reasons. I'm not sure what the others are named but one could be rabbit or Goat. A lot of fisherman do their angling around these rocks.

This is a view of South Beach from the lookout. I did a lot swimming here when a kid. Never went out deep like these people though.
Ken spooted this pelican sitting on the lamp post and wanted me to take his photo. Each time I thought I had him face on, the little bugger would turn about.

I would like to have had more photos to show but.......Look Jodi, I worked it out how to do the writing to match the photo. Hip, hip, hooray!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here we are with my baby brother, Robert and his wife, Sharon. I do believe this is the first photo of us all in many a year, ever since Jodi's wedding I think.
My sisters 'loved' Ken but as i told them, he's not for sale. LOL
I'll upload a couple of photos of Wollongong later. Cheers for now. Oh, all the best for the new year, whoever decideds to read this.
It's been a while since chatting on my blog but I have been quite busy. Truly! What with Christmas, visitors, etc.

Ken and I went to Wollongong last weekend for my nephew's wedding. lovely one too. We stayed with my baby sister, Jean and my eldest sister Jacqui. I hadn't seen them in almost three years, since moving back to the bush. It was good to catch up on the latest.

Here we are, all dressed up just before we left for the wedding at Albion Park.