Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is Ken's daughter, Lisa with hubby Jim and the girls just after decorating the tree. I don't know what I use, I just put things together and if it looks okay, I'll do it. This is a lovely photo of Jocie and Dacia. I did paint small angel wings to put on this LO but as usual, I have put them in a safe place.

This one is my favourite. I felt very clever after doing this. Reminds me of Jodi's work but no where near as good. Did I do okay Jod? Have to get into scrapping again. I really enjoyed doing these. I have photos of the pistol club but flowers wouldn't be appropriate. I'll have to find some guns or something like that


this is the Gunnedah Pistol Club's presentation night. from left, Wayne, Ken and me. I presented the trophies and was quite honoured to do so. I received a trophy as well. Yippee. This little bloke was at the club a couple of weeks ago. Isn't he gorgeous? His mate, (male) fell out of the tree when the branch broke. They were fighting. Luckily, the wild life park owner was there. He took the sick one back with him but sadly the koala died. I was about 3 feet away from this one.
This is a layout I did of Ken's new granddaughter, dacia. The pink cardigan really stands out on the black and white background. I knitted the cardigan.
I do have some more but god knows what I did with them. Thought I uploaded them but.....I'll have to do them again. I don't know what materials I use, just what Jodi giives me and try to copy hher layouts. ha, ha, ha.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, a safe one, a great new year and 'see' you all in 2010.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi all, here is my finished project. I think they are beautiful even if I say so myself. All ready for next year's show here in Gunnedah.
This is a photo I took of the moon the other night. I'm trying to pratice my TAFE skills. This was taken without a flash at my back door. I helped Jodi today decorate the Year 12 Formal. Jod always does a great job and I was more helpful this time. I didn't make one mistake!! Very proud of myself. Okay, that's it until I see you agagin. Don't know what I'll do next. (must have pressed a wrong button or something) :) I do have some baby knitting to finalise. Have to do that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi all, this is the little doll I was talking about not so long ago. Here she is ready to be dressed. Ken named her, Eliza because she is dressed in period clothes. Not much to look at is she? Here is a close up of her hat and curls. I honestly didn't think she would come up so sweet.

Here is the finished doll with carol book and all. There was a fair amount of work in her but I do enjoy creating them. I'll start on her brother, Jacob, next. He is also sweet.
Well, that's it for now folks. Ken and I are making plans to go caravaning next week for a couple of days to test things out. The Warranbungles, can't spell it. Joe our dog has to be put in a boarding kennel as no dogs allowed. It will be an experience for us. Cheers to all. x

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day on the Range

This is a table decoration I made for an engagement party last week. Jodi took Emelia to the Jambaree (?), so I took over the job. There were ten of these for centre pieces and one big bunch for the cake table. Jod was pleased with my work. Now, I have put two of these on but what can you expect from a demented biddy. I meant to put another photo on but the heck, hey. The bloke who used this target put three .22 shots into the one hole. Not bad shooting. Won't happen again for a while.

It's worth seeing again don't ya reckon?

Here they all are admiring the work plus scoring. They are all a good bunch of blokes.
Had our AGM yesterday and I was nominated to be scorer. Ha, ha, now I'll have big scores. lol. Only joking. I will be getting at least one trophy at presentation night. There isn't a Veteran Ladies section so I have to shoot against women half my age or more. Not to worry, I'm there to enjoy myself and be with Ken.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Can't start at the top. Damn. This is the little soldier in Santa's sack. Jodi loved him when she saw it.
Here is Santa with his sack of toys. I'm going to put some candy canes in it as well. Knitting these toys is really my first love. To see the little characters come to "life"
I knit dolls from 3inches to 24 inches high.
Now this is "Flossy". I made her fr0m scratch. The actual doll and her clothes plus her hair. She has a pony tail. The hair is sewn on strand by strand. She does have black shoes on but they are hard to see and also they are supposed to have laces. I'll do that later. I'm doing this for next year's Gunnedah show. I have another knitting project to do and it is beautiful. A little girl and boy singing christmas carols. It will take me about a month to complete but I'll have them up as soon as finished. I also have some baby knitting I have done for the show. The CWA ladies here, were shocked to see an outsider win the prizes last year.
This rose is my favourite, Oklahoma. The petals are so rich and the perfume is beautiful. These are what I want on my coffin when the time comes with a touch of baby breath through them. This bush is at my back window. Don't worry Jod if you can't get them, I won't know will I? :)
Thanks to the ladies who wrote on my blog. I didn't expect it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thanks to Jodi, again, I'm back if anyone is interested.
I did this LO of my Father a little while ago now. This is a close up of the words I wrote. Journalling, it's called isn't it?
This photo was taken of my Father at a wedding with his third wife. I cut her out of it. It's the only photo I have of him.
And this is of my baby with his baby, Zane. Zane is almost 4 months old now an a beautiful baby. He is so much like his Dad. Jodi took this photo when Zane was only a week old.

Now, for some news on my pistol shooting! I have improved so much but only in the past week or so. I have won three trophies so far. I am the only woman shooting lately but my points have are deserving of a trophy so I don't feel so bad about accepting them on presentation night.
We have a visiting club from Gosford coming up this Saturday and there are women shooters. Ha, ha. Now we'll see just how good I really am.
Ken bought me a new .22 and it's great to handle. I actually shot some tens and nines. Very exciting for me.
Well, hopefully, I'll have some photos for you to look at next week with our visitors. Bye for now.
Thank you so much Jod for your undying patience with me and this bloody computer

Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is how Ken and I spend our Sundays. Ken has been a pistol shooter for years but I am new to the game. Here he is shooting the 25 yard service match. See the smoke coming out the barrel of his pistol?
Here I am doing the same match. There are different stances in it. Lay down, sit, kneel, standing. Five shots in one target in so many seconds. Too hard to explain but great. This is me in action with my trusty 38. lol.

This is sitting as you can see, with my elbows resting on my knees.
I'm allowed to do that as I'm classed as a veteran.

And here I am about to lay down to shoot.

This is a target from an earlier match today, using a .22 pistol. i hit the black 7 times and only 2 in the white and one went somewhere. I scored 273, more then doubled my last score from a previous day.
I really enjoy this sport and the people are so good and understanding, especially Ken.
Will let you know how I progress. See ya.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is my lastest piece of knitting. A jacket and bootties for my new grandson(?). I think the stitch is called feather and fan.
A close up of the bootties. Awww!!! aren't they sweet.

And here is the jacket. I haven't done this type of knitting for a long time. I had about three inches of it done a made a blooper, threw thw whole pattern out, so had to undo and redo, so I decided to make the bootties first as they never had as many stitches. The jacket had 161 st to start off with until I reached the armhole as it was all done in one piece up to there and then divided for the two fronts and back. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

This LO is of my sister's granddaughter, Emma Rose. I've had the photo for a while now and only thought of a way to do it the other day. I tried to give the impression she was laying in a tree, hence the "rockabyebaby". The heading is "Princess Emma".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This fountain was in the grounds of where my nephew was recently married. It had rose petals floating around inside and the water trickling over the edges. Beautiful. I had to do a LO of it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here are some photos I took of Wollongong while down there. This is "whale rock' but looks more like a dolphin to me. It is near the Nuns' rock pool. Apparently, years ago, the Nuns would swim here. i couldn't get a photo of the pool as i would have fallen over the cliff. lol. Now, this one is quite obvious. There are five islands off the coast of Wollongong very close to each other. The island have names and this one is called, Toothbrush Island for obvious reasons. I'm not sure what the others are named but one could be rabbit or Goat. A lot of fisherman do their angling around these rocks.

This is a view of South Beach from the lookout. I did a lot swimming here when a kid. Never went out deep like these people though.
Ken spooted this pelican sitting on the lamp post and wanted me to take his photo. Each time I thought I had him face on, the little bugger would turn about.

I would like to have had more photos to show but.......Look Jodi, I worked it out how to do the writing to match the photo. Hip, hip, hooray!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here we are with my baby brother, Robert and his wife, Sharon. I do believe this is the first photo of us all in many a year, ever since Jodi's wedding I think.
My sisters 'loved' Ken but as i told them, he's not for sale. LOL
I'll upload a couple of photos of Wollongong later. Cheers for now. Oh, all the best for the new year, whoever decideds to read this.
It's been a while since chatting on my blog but I have been quite busy. Truly! What with Christmas, visitors, etc.

Ken and I went to Wollongong last weekend for my nephew's wedding. lovely one too. We stayed with my baby sister, Jean and my eldest sister Jacqui. I hadn't seen them in almost three years, since moving back to the bush. It was good to catch up on the latest.

Here we are, all dressed up just before we left for the wedding at Albion Park.