Saturday, November 29, 2008

These are photos taken of Mullibah Lagoon later this afternoon. As you can see, the water has risen since Jodi u[loaded her photos of it. This is how quickly waters rise.

FLOOD waters

No doubt you have seen Jodi's photos of Gunnedah in flood. I thought I would add one on as well. This is a photo of the two bridges just a bit out of town on the way to Tamworth. The waters hadn't gone over them but I think it will as the helicopters are still monitoring the rise. Flooding is very sad as you see homes with water in them. Jodi's shed was enough. The slushy mud is dreadful and I said to Jodi yesterday as we cleaned the shed out, 'imagine this all through your home.' I do hope no homes are affected. Roads are blocked in the bottom end of town as the water rises. I suppose that is why we are called the flood plains. As the poem says, Droughts and flooding rains. That's us for sure.


Ken and I drove up to the local lookout to veiw the flood waters and this little bloke was there in his tree having a nap. Ken has been here in Gunnedah for just over twelve months now and often tells people, "Gunnedah is suposed to be the koala capital of the world and I'm yet to see one." Well, he did today and was quite excited about it. The koala was more important then veiwing the flood waters for a while. People were there snapping photos of him/her so, he decided to wake up for us! Isn't he cute?


This is the Handybag I made up the other day. It is very pretty. I purchased the kit from scrapwithv. Very easy to assemble.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Stacey is Ken's granddaughter. (she is in the LO of the Pittman family) very grown up now though. Very pretty girl. She was very keen to scrap book whilst here for a few days but the interest died down when she returned home. Maybe I can get her interested when she sees this LO.


This is a LO I did yesterday of Ken's (my partner) family. I have met the girls who are young adults now but yet to meet Julie and Steve. They will be here for Christmas and also his other daughter and family. i am going to do a LO on them asap or I'll be in big s@#^* otherwise, so Ken said. I have a nice photo to use.
He is looking very forward to his girls coming here. Jodi, Stu, Emelia and Josh will be here as well and hopefully, Gary and Kell.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey there Kosmo, Here is the photo Mum has been promising you. That's me laying down, the handsome one. Benny just won't stay put long enough to get a decent photo. He spoils my image, ha ha. Not sure if I told you this but Mum and Dad refurbished our home. They built us a lovely home but when the rain and wind came the other day, they were worried about us, getting wet and cold so, they put extra walls up and have shade cloth wrapped around our yard to keep the weather out. It is so snug now. No need to bark at night, not that we did, we just played in the gardens early of a morning waiting for people to get out of bed and feed us. They have come up with a way to try to keep us out of the gardens, they put our droppings in it!! Does keep us out though. Nothing worse then smelling your own,.@^! Anyway Kosmo, must go now. Say hi to Beaver for us.


I noticed that a few ladies do a LO of their wedding day so decided to do one of myself. I was 22 years old. I have changed a lot since then. This photo is 43yrs old.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Not sure whaere to write here but I see it automatically pops up to the top. The album is starting from the back page but at least I uploaded it this time. Hi, hip, hip hooray! You are such a great teacher Miss Jodi, in more ways then one.

This is the LOVE album I completed yesterday. i am quite pleased with myself.

Friday, November 14, 2008


This is a LO of my Jodi at 5 months old. Wasn't she gorgeous? I was so thrilled that she had curly hair. When she was born, like all other first Mothers, I thought I was the only person in the world to have a baby. The women would say, look at her, she thinks she's the only one that ever had a baby. I was so thrilled and happy with myself. I asked other Mothers who had given birth to their second or third baby, how could they love another baby as much as their first. They told tell me, you will see when you have your second and third. They were right, I had that same feeling again and again.
My mother in law came to the hospital in Narrabri, where we lived, to visit, with my husband. She nursed Jodi, admiring her and then she said, ohh, she's got Margaret's horrible big hands. That was a punch in the gut to me. If only she could see what those hands can do now. My Mum and step Father came up from Wollongong to visit us and Jodi was given all the praise that a normal grandmother could give her first granddaughter.
When we went back to the house after leaving hospital, I wasn't alone anymore, I had my darling little Jodi to take care of. Jodi has been a wonderful daughter to me and also my best friend from a very young age. I can honestly say, we have never had a fight in 40 yrs. I feel it would destroy both of us if we did. She is my inspiration and guiding light and I love her dearly.
I wrote a poem for her when she married Stuart. I will post it on next time.
I just hope I can upload again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well, I managed to get a photo uploaded but not the one I wanted to. Poor Jodi, I am so frustrating to her. The trouble is, I know how to do it...must be the way I store the photos. I have printed all the info Jod to file, with all the other messages from you.
Well, it's been a busy day today, finishing off the painting. No more till after Christmas.
Will write later as have to get dinner ready. Bye



Problems with uploading. The photos must be too big! I will conquer this in time.
Hence, no photos as yet. I will take them again tomorrow and see how I go. Jodi will be so so frustrated with me. I can do it, it's just that the photos must be too big as they do upload but won't come up on screen.
So, what did I do today? I helped Jodi decorated the Year 12 formal party at the services club. It took us 5 hrs! It looks really great. The kids should enjoy themselves, popping balloons at the end of the night or doing other things with them.
Then Ken and I went down town to buy some food. Yesterday, at Franklins, I saw these beautiful white Angel teddy bears. I couldn't resist, so I bought one. Only $10. Emelia is starting to collect teddies now so I bought her one today. She doesn't know I have it for her. I'll give it to her next time I see her. It's not a Christmas gift.
What my intentions are, when I can get photos uploaded is to brag about my kids when they were babies. "The ravings of an old woman." The kids are so beautiful truly. They are 5 months old in their portraits. They hang above my computer. I'm going to get a frame that holds 6 photos so I can put my grandkids up on the wall with them. i have 5 grandchildren and one on the way, so need a 6 berth frame. I like to look up and recall funny little things they did as babies. For starters, Jodi loved her dummies and she called them, her gi gis. G as in goat.
Don't know where she got that from but gi gi was the word. Matt always thought he was a man even before going to school and loved to work with the council men. Gary was a perfect baby. Beautful little boy. He loved his He Man dolls but if I called them dolls in front of him, boy would he go crook. They are men, not dolls Mummy, he would say. He still has them and the Castle Grey Skull Castle.
Well, that will do for tonight. Sorry no photos but will endeavour to get some on here. Nigh night all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey Kosmo, My Aunty Jodi told me that you would like a friend, so here I am. My name is Ted(was Teddy because I was so cute and cuddly as a pup but now I'm grown up a bit). I have a little brother, Benny. We are lab cross with a silky but Mum seems to think our Mum slept around as Benny is nothing like me. He is more sausage dog with lab in him. Mum says that he is like thwe pltypus...all the pieces left over were put into him. But he is adorable and I love him. You will see when Mum learns to upload photos. She's still having a bit of trouble doing it.
Our Dad gave us our first of beer this afternoon and boy, is it yummy! Tried to stick my tongue in the neck of the bottle and almost had to smash it to get out!
Anyways, Kosmo, I'll be talking to you more. Just wanted to introduce myself to you. Ted

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Well, I'm finally on my blog site, thanks to my DD Jodi who came to the rescue this afternoon. I wasn't expecting her either. She must have sensed I was having trouble. Nothing unusual for me whn it comes to computers and tricky things to do. Thank goodness these machines weren't around when I went to school. It was hard enough with Math and those pounds, shillings and pence.
Now I can tell who ever wants to read my ravings on. This will be so much fun. Lets hope I did this correctly first off. Sooo, here goes nothing. See ya. x

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Emelia came to visit last week to introduce us to her new horse, SOLO. He is beautiful.