Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is my lastest piece of knitting. A jacket and bootties for my new grandson(?). I think the stitch is called feather and fan.
A close up of the bootties. Awww!!! aren't they sweet.

And here is the jacket. I haven't done this type of knitting for a long time. I had about three inches of it done a made a blooper, threw thw whole pattern out, so had to undo and redo, so I decided to make the bootties first as they never had as many stitches. The jacket had 161 st to start off with until I reached the armhole as it was all done in one piece up to there and then divided for the two fronts and back. I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out.

This LO is of my sister's granddaughter, Emma Rose. I've had the photo for a while now and only thought of a way to do it the other day. I tried to give the impression she was laying in a tree, hence the "rockabyebaby". The heading is "Princess Emma".


Jodi said...

They are very cute and a lovely layout too!!

Tracey said...

They are so tiny and cute. your LO looks great too

Anonymous said...

Too cute, absolutely gorgeous! You really are too clever!
The layout is lovely as well.

Lisa A said...

They are very Cute, you are a very talented woman Margaret...Maybe one day you could teach me to do that