Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here we are with my baby brother, Robert and his wife, Sharon. I do believe this is the first photo of us all in many a year, ever since Jodi's wedding I think.
My sisters 'loved' Ken but as i told them, he's not for sale. LOL
I'll upload a couple of photos of Wollongong later. Cheers for now. Oh, all the best for the new year, whoever decideds to read this.
It's been a while since chatting on my blog but I have been quite busy. Truly! What with Christmas, visitors, etc.

Ken and I went to Wollongong last weekend for my nephew's wedding. lovely one too. We stayed with my baby sister, Jean and my eldest sister Jacqui. I hadn't seen them in almost three years, since moving back to the bush. It was good to catch up on the latest.

Here we are, all dressed up just before we left for the wedding at Albion Park.


Jodi said...

Look at those gorgeous layouts!!!!

Lisa A said...

I totally agree with Jodi look at those gorgeous layouts, kosmo and beaver asked me to pass on a hello from them to you and benny and ted,we all hope you had a great christmas and new year

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!! You look wonderful, love the outfit. Kell