Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is how Ken and I spend our Sundays. Ken has been a pistol shooter for years but I am new to the game. Here he is shooting the 25 yard service match. See the smoke coming out the barrel of his pistol?
Here I am doing the same match. There are different stances in it. Lay down, sit, kneel, standing. Five shots in one target in so many seconds. Too hard to explain but great. This is me in action with my trusty 38. lol.

This is sitting as you can see, with my elbows resting on my knees.
I'm allowed to do that as I'm classed as a veteran.

And here I am about to lay down to shoot.

This is a target from an earlier match today, using a .22 pistol. i hit the black 7 times and only 2 in the white and one went somewhere. I scored 273, more then doubled my last score from a previous day.
I really enjoy this sport and the people are so good and understanding, especially Ken.
Will let you know how I progress. See ya.

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Lisa A said...

Hi Margaret,
Congratulations on becoming a grandma again, I hope little Zane and Kel and Gary are doing fine