Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thanks to Jodi, again, I'm back if anyone is interested.
I did this LO of my Father a little while ago now. This is a close up of the words I wrote. Journalling, it's called isn't it?
This photo was taken of my Father at a wedding with his third wife. I cut her out of it. It's the only photo I have of him.
And this is of my baby with his baby, Zane. Zane is almost 4 months old now an a beautiful baby. He is so much like his Dad. Jodi took this photo when Zane was only a week old.

Now, for some news on my pistol shooting! I have improved so much but only in the past week or so. I have won three trophies so far. I am the only woman shooting lately but my points have are deserving of a trophy so I don't feel so bad about accepting them on presentation night.
We have a visiting club from Gosford coming up this Saturday and there are women shooters. Ha, ha. Now we'll see just how good I really am.
Ken bought me a new .22 and it's great to handle. I actually shot some tens and nines. Very exciting for me.
Well, hopefully, I'll have some photos for you to look at next week with our visitors. Bye for now.
Thank you so much Jod for your undying patience with me and this bloody computer


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Lisa A said...

Hey Marg,
Good to see you are back, Kosmo and Beaver will be impressed...They have a new friend called Jaws...I look forward to seeing your regular posts again soon..

Tracey said...

Great to see you back. Love your LO's Look forward to seeing more