Sunday, October 25, 2009

A day on the Range

This is a table decoration I made for an engagement party last week. Jodi took Emelia to the Jambaree (?), so I took over the job. There were ten of these for centre pieces and one big bunch for the cake table. Jod was pleased with my work. Now, I have put two of these on but what can you expect from a demented biddy. I meant to put another photo on but the heck, hey. The bloke who used this target put three .22 shots into the one hole. Not bad shooting. Won't happen again for a while.

It's worth seeing again don't ya reckon?

Here they all are admiring the work plus scoring. They are all a good bunch of blokes.
Had our AGM yesterday and I was nominated to be scorer. Ha, ha, now I'll have big scores. lol. Only joking. I will be getting at least one trophy at presentation night. There isn't a Veteran Ladies section so I have to shoot against women half my age or more. Not to worry, I'm there to enjoy myself and be with Ken.


Joanne said...

Its good to see you back. I love your knitting my son was given the Father X-mas doll one x-mas but he doesnt have anything in the sack.

Jodi said...

Very good!!! :)