Monday, October 12, 2009


Can't start at the top. Damn. This is the little soldier in Santa's sack. Jodi loved him when she saw it.
Here is Santa with his sack of toys. I'm going to put some candy canes in it as well. Knitting these toys is really my first love. To see the little characters come to "life"
I knit dolls from 3inches to 24 inches high.
Now this is "Flossy". I made her fr0m scratch. The actual doll and her clothes plus her hair. She has a pony tail. The hair is sewn on strand by strand. She does have black shoes on but they are hard to see and also they are supposed to have laces. I'll do that later. I'm doing this for next year's Gunnedah show. I have another knitting project to do and it is beautiful. A little girl and boy singing christmas carols. It will take me about a month to complete but I'll have them up as soon as finished. I also have some baby knitting I have done for the show. The CWA ladies here, were shocked to see an outsider win the prizes last year.
This rose is my favourite, Oklahoma. The petals are so rich and the perfume is beautiful. These are what I want on my coffin when the time comes with a touch of baby breath through them. This bush is at my back window. Don't worry Jod if you can't get them, I won't know will I? :)
Thanks to the ladies who wrote on my blog. I didn't expect it.

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Lisa A said...

Hey Marg,
love your crafty ways they are just like your daughter bloody unreal keep up the good work