Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi all, this is the little doll I was talking about not so long ago. Here she is ready to be dressed. Ken named her, Eliza because she is dressed in period clothes. Not much to look at is she? Here is a close up of her hat and curls. I honestly didn't think she would come up so sweet.

Here is the finished doll with carol book and all. There was a fair amount of work in her but I do enjoy creating them. I'll start on her brother, Jacob, next. He is also sweet.
Well, that's it for now folks. Ken and I are making plans to go caravaning next week for a couple of days to test things out. The Warranbungles, can't spell it. Joe our dog has to be put in a boarding kennel as no dogs allowed. It will be an experience for us. Cheers to all. x

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Jodi said...

She is adorable!!!
Talk about demented!! I forgot about the carrols.... will do that now!!!