Saturday, November 29, 2008

FLOOD waters

No doubt you have seen Jodi's photos of Gunnedah in flood. I thought I would add one on as well. This is a photo of the two bridges just a bit out of town on the way to Tamworth. The waters hadn't gone over them but I think it will as the helicopters are still monitoring the rise. Flooding is very sad as you see homes with water in them. Jodi's shed was enough. The slushy mud is dreadful and I said to Jodi yesterday as we cleaned the shed out, 'imagine this all through your home.' I do hope no homes are affected. Roads are blocked in the bottom end of town as the water rises. I suppose that is why we are called the flood plains. As the poem says, Droughts and flooding rains. That's us for sure.

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Lisa A said...

Yeah I rang Jodi last night to check on her, Stu and the kids and she told me she was cleaning up the mess in the shed, Yukky Mud