Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hey Kosmo, My Aunty Jodi told me that you would like a friend, so here I am. My name is Ted(was Teddy because I was so cute and cuddly as a pup but now I'm grown up a bit). I have a little brother, Benny. We are lab cross with a silky but Mum seems to think our Mum slept around as Benny is nothing like me. He is more sausage dog with lab in him. Mum says that he is like thwe pltypus...all the pieces left over were put into him. But he is adorable and I love him. You will see when Mum learns to upload photos. She's still having a bit of trouble doing it.
Our Dad gave us our first of beer this afternoon and boy, is it yummy! Tried to stick my tongue in the neck of the bottle and almost had to smash it to get out!
Anyways, Kosmo, I'll be talking to you more. Just wanted to introduce myself to you. Ted