Friday, November 14, 2008


This is a LO of my Jodi at 5 months old. Wasn't she gorgeous? I was so thrilled that she had curly hair. When she was born, like all other first Mothers, I thought I was the only person in the world to have a baby. The women would say, look at her, she thinks she's the only one that ever had a baby. I was so thrilled and happy with myself. I asked other Mothers who had given birth to their second or third baby, how could they love another baby as much as their first. They told tell me, you will see when you have your second and third. They were right, I had that same feeling again and again.
My mother in law came to the hospital in Narrabri, where we lived, to visit, with my husband. She nursed Jodi, admiring her and then she said, ohh, she's got Margaret's horrible big hands. That was a punch in the gut to me. If only she could see what those hands can do now. My Mum and step Father came up from Wollongong to visit us and Jodi was given all the praise that a normal grandmother could give her first granddaughter.
When we went back to the house after leaving hospital, I wasn't alone anymore, I had my darling little Jodi to take care of. Jodi has been a wonderful daughter to me and also my best friend from a very young age. I can honestly say, we have never had a fight in 40 yrs. I feel it would destroy both of us if we did. She is my inspiration and guiding light and I love her dearly.
I wrote a poem for her when she married Stuart. I will post it on next time.
I just hope I can upload again.


Jodi said...

Yay!!! Look how clever you are!!!

Jodi said...

AWe!!!!! :(
So sweet!!

Lisa A said...

how cute, well Jodi hasn't changed a bit has she, still cute.. Love Kosmo