Friday, November 21, 2008


Hey there Kosmo, Here is the photo Mum has been promising you. That's me laying down, the handsome one. Benny just won't stay put long enough to get a decent photo. He spoils my image, ha ha. Not sure if I told you this but Mum and Dad refurbished our home. They built us a lovely home but when the rain and wind came the other day, they were worried about us, getting wet and cold so, they put extra walls up and have shade cloth wrapped around our yard to keep the weather out. It is so snug now. No need to bark at night, not that we did, we just played in the gardens early of a morning waiting for people to get out of bed and feed us. They have come up with a way to try to keep us out of the gardens, they put our droppings in it!! Does keep us out though. Nothing worse then smelling your own,.@^! Anyway Kosmo, must go now. Say hi to Beaver for us.

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Lisa A said...

Hey Teddy & Benny,
Go over to our blog and check it out we blogged about you both and we used your photo....I have a big kennel and love it, but I also like to sleep under dad's trailer...Guess what I did the other day, dont tell anyone but i chewed on the rego label...Kosmo & Beaver XOXOXO